Go, Motherfucker, Go!  

Al's poster of the Slum Lords MC, New Haven, CT

From: Jack Gara   (Fri Apr 15 15:38:43 2011)
This is the same poster that the cops used as a lineup for the victims to pick out those of the gang that raped them. They all got convicted even though many of them didn't participate, in some cases weren't even present. Guilt by association I guess. To bad they all served at least 5 years

From: Jack Gara   (Fri Apr 15 16:37:35 2011)
Groups of photographs were shown separately to each girl on April 13, 17, 18 or 23, 1969. On April 13, fifteen pictures and a group photograph of the

[166 Conn. 520]

New Haven Slumlords were displayed. On April 17, forty-eight photographs of single individuals were shown. Each girl initialed the back of all photographs selected on this occasion. One of the girls was also shown a group photograph and a booklet of photographs. At least seven of the forty-eight photographs were "mug" shots taken by the police and from these each of the girls selected a photograph of the defendant. On April 18 or 23, other groups of photographs were displayed for the girls and one of them again selected a photograph of the defendant. Another six "mug" shots were shown to one of the female complaining witnesses on April 30. The other girl surveyed a medium-size group of photographs during the summer of 1969, and once again picked out a photograph of the defendant. The defendant's hair in the photograph selected on that date appeared longer than it was on the night of April 12.

The recited facts are sufficient to demonstrate that the photographic identification procedure was not so impermissibly suggestive as to give rise to a very substantial likelihood of irreparable misidentification. Simmons v. United States, supra; State v. Watson, 165 Conn. 577, 589, 345 A.2d 532; State v. Oliver, 160 Conn. 85, 93, 273 A.2d 867, cert. denied, 402 U.S. 946, 91 S.Ct. 1637, 29 L.Ed.2d 115.

At the trial it was brought out that during police identification procedures each of the three complaining witnesses had selected a photograph of a man who was in fact in jail at the time of the assaults. This fact went to the issue of the degree of certainty of the identifications made by the witnesses but not to the procedure of photographic

[166 Conn. 521]

identification. It was for the court to consider this evidence with all the other evidence in the determination of the factual issues of identification.

During the cross-examination of one of the complaining witnesses regarding what she told the police captain, counsel for the defendant attempted to question her concerning the affidavit of the police captain which was attached to the bench warrant. After the state's objection, the court asked whether the questioning was based upon what the police captain had set forth in his affidavit, and counsel replied that it was. The court sustained the state's objection and an exception was noted. The affidavit in question was not an exhibit. "[C]ross-examination as to the contents of a document and questions at least relating to, if not actually involving, the contents of the document should not be permitted unless the writing is in evidence." Robinson v. Faulkner, 163 Conn. 365, 373, 306 A.2d 857; Shulman v. Shulman, 150 Conn. 651, 662, 193 A.2d 525; 58 Am.Jur., Witnesses, 643. Excluding the defendant's questions was not error.

The same rule applies to the defendant's next contention. The defendant claims that the court erred in excluding certain questions asked of the police captain who took statements from the complaining witnesses and who prepared the affidavit attached to the bench warrant. The defendant's counsel attempted to examine the officer on the contents of the affidavit. Since the affidavit was not in evidence, the court was not in error in its ruling.

The defendant has also briefed a second assignment of error regarding the examination of the police captain. In a series of questions, the defendant's counsel attempted to elicit infor

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I was a waiter @ a night club,they were there. THe leader started stomping the woman he was with, I couldn't stand it so I Tackled him to the floor,& held him helpless for a while till his boys distracted me enough to let him go..& I did not get hurt @ all!

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From: free_kahlo   (Wed Aug 8 00:55:22 2012)
some of these guys were ok (brindisi - johnny? forgot names but recognise alot.
But there was one exception. He lived in foxon w wife - had children - he was PR he was evil - raped a girl from new jersy - went by name of orange. She had been riding w hole in wall i think on a run with slumlords, but did not belong to anyone.
She ended up in the foxon ct club house and he came in w some others who were idiots and he raped her - those guys raped her and i heard her scream - i got out in time - in shock and walked all the way from foxon to savin rock. I was 15 years old

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From: Barry Rice   (Wed Dec 5 10:46:46 2012)
These guys were a bunch of losers with nothing in their futures but jail time. The only skill that most of them had was ODing on various drugs of the time. Each one on his own could ealily be beaten up by anyone half his size, they needed each other in order to terrorize the population. Among thier ranks were a number of homosexuals who enjoyed oral sex with each other and who sexually assaulted the male victim in the case

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From: mike   (Sat Jan 26 11:53:28 2013)
my ol man was in the club they got a bad rap yeah they were young and crazy like we all were and experimenting with drugs few survived over the years thats what it does to you try to live and learn but there was defintly no faggots or homosexuality goig on thats totaly false love and respect mike

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From: BS   (Tue Feb 5 19:01:44 2013)
I am engaged to one of the last living Slum Lords New Haven "gang". The story is only part true, but the truth is too dangerous for anyone to talk about, even now. And not all were convicted.

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From: Christina   (Mon Mar 11 17:36:52 2013)
To Barry - my father is the one on the bike, Paul Acampora. He passed away 12 years ago and was an amazing father and wonderful husband to my mother. So please keep your rude ass comments to yourself.

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